India’s mutual fund industry gaining traction

The Indian mutual fund industry has witnessed record Asset Under Management (AUM) growth over the past two decades. However, it still lags behind many countries like USA, Brazil, UK, Japan and even Bangladesh in terms of AUM/GDP

Amidst the boom in global fintech investment, where does India stand?

With its potential to create path-breaking technologies that are disrupting the financial services sector and pushing the world towards a cashless society, the burgeoning global fintech industry has been making waves in the investment world. The global

Peer-to-peer lending: A new way to lend money

Owing to a limited availability of support network for borrowers in India, other than banks, businesses are forced to seek out new opportunities for funding and ‘Peer-to-Peer (P2P)’ lending is one such business model that has gathered

Changing dynamics of the private equity landscape in India

India, being the world’s fastest growing major economy with growth soaring above 7 per cent, has continued to remain an attractive destination for investors amidst heightened volatility in global financial markets, making Asia’s third-biggest economy the top