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Has Rajan’s tenure been a game changer for Indian Economy?

The recent policy review under RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan was noteworthy not for any big-bang surprises with regards to the policy rates but for being the last one of his term as the governor. Marked by a

Improving financial parameters buoy India’s economic outlook

The overall financial environment for the Indian economy are favourably poised – with the low cost of funds, strong liquidity, better external financial linkages and uptick in economic activity – signalling a positive outlook with signs of firm improvement in

Thanks to GST, India will soon be a unified market

Amid high pitched debate, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) bill was cleared with a thumping majority in the Rajya Sabha, creating an economic history, weaving Asia’s third biggest economy into a unified market. The historic bill

Soaring inflation dampens India’s rate cut hopes

With retail inflation soaring in the country, the odds of an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at its forthcoming monetary policy meet in August have diminished. According to the data released by

Brexit: Britain’s ‘leave’ call unlikely to adversely impact India

Even though Britain’s decision to move out of the EU has come at a time when the global economy is not in a great shape and growth forecasts for 2016 have been marked down, Asia’s third biggest

India in a sweet spot for investors among EMs

Even as the global economic recovery takes a major hit owing to the Brexit, the Indian economy remains the best bet for the investors among the emerging markets. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) financial

India Inc goes slow on M&A in May

The aggressive pace of M&A activity in 2015 looks unlikely to be repeated this year amid global economic uncertainty and financial volatility coupled with absence of big ticket overseas acquisitions by India Inc. However, the outlook for

Improved ranking in GRDI underlines India’s potential

Amid heightened volatility in global financial markets, India, the worlds’ fastest growing major economy, has emerged as the best bet in the retail sector , moving up by 13 places from last year when it comes to the ease of doing business.

India’s growth on an upward trajectory

The Indian economy accelerated in the March quarter, signaling a continued robust recovery and reinforcing India’s position as the world’s fastest-growing major economy, giving Prime Minister Narendra Modi more reasons to celebrate after completing two years in

Soaring consumer optimism underlines India’s economic resilience

Indian consumers emerged as the most confident lot in a global survey, with optimism reaching pre-global recession levels in the first quarter of 2016, signaling a pickup in momentum in the consumer driven Asia’s third biggest economy.